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Team Foxcatcher Trailer: If You Thought Steve Carrell’s Fake Nose Was Scary, Just Wait Until You See the Real Thing

John Eleuthère du Pont, the eccentric and unstable heir of one of America’s richest families, will be the subject of another documentary available on Netflix, Team Foxcatcher. The story of du Pont’s tragic history with the Schultz brothers, two wrestlers who trained with him, has been the subject of endless fascination, including Bennett Miller’s Foxcatcher, which starred Steve Carrell as du Pont and Mark Ruffalo as Dave Schultz, as well as a “30 for 30” ESPN documentary called The Prince of Pennsylvania. The footage from Team Foxcatcher comes largely from Nancy Schultz, Dave’s wife, and the time her family spent at du Pont’s Foxcatcher Farm. The documentary will premiere at Tribeca Film Festival before becoming available for streaming on Netflix April 29.

Watch Netflix’s Team Foxcatcher Trailer