Finally, the Story of Snow White’s Beloved Sister We’ve All Always Known About and Loved and Thought About a Lot Will Be Told!


Disney is back at it (“it” being “movies”) with a new live-action film in development called Rose Red that will tell the story of Snow White’s sister, named, you guessed it, Rose Red. Different last names usually means different dads, so we’ll see how the film handles that scandalous tidbit. The character Rose Red appeared in Grimms’ fairy tales, but had no relation to the Snow White and the Seven Dwarves fairy tale, or the Disney animated film. Evan Daugherty, who presented Disney with an updated pitch for the story, also wrote the script for Universal’s Snow White and the Huntsman, so we can be sure he knows his Snow White trivia. His managers probably tried to get him into the Cinderella game, but he was probably like, “Nah, you guys. Snow White’s my girl.” So what does this all mean for Disney? Will we see what happened to Simba’s third cousin once removed? Will there finally be a movie about Arielle’s dad’s friend, who she calls “uncle” but isn’t actually her dad’s brother? Stay tuned!

New Disney Movie about Snow White’s Sister