Nick Jonas Would Like to Tell You All About His Very Complicated Past Year on His New Song With Tove Lo

Nick Jonas.
Nick has entered his moody phase. Photo: Araya Diaz/Getty Images

For most of the world, today is Zayn Day. For Nick Jonas, it’s Hey, I Went Solo, Too, Dammit! Day. We’d like to think this is why he picked now to announce his third album, Last Year Was Complicated, via complicated tweet storm and to drop its first single, “Close.” To quote young Nicholas, “Oh damn, oh damn, oh damn.” This is not the lusty “Jealous” of two years ago; the youngest former JoBro has moved past the “I’m a Man” phase Zayn is currently enjoying and dived headfirst into the post-coital blues. And he’s dragged Swedish singer and songwriter to the pop stars Tove Lo on his downward spiral with him.

Depressing as that sounds — and trust, this is your classic breakup anthem — he hides it sort of well. Both he and Tove trade intimate verses that translate what your ex really meant when she said she needed “space,” but the song’s dressed up in steel drums (thanks “tropical house”) and swelling synths. Which is to say, yes, you can still have sex to a Nick Jonas song. These are complicated years. Watch Nick and Tove recreate every So You Think You Can Dance contemporary routine ever in the song’s video, below.

Nick Jonas Drops New Song With Tove Lo, ‘Close’