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And Now, Here Is Flavor Flav With the Weather — and Also the Time, As Usual

Public Enemy and analog clock hype man Flavor Flav stopped by Salt Lake City’s Fox 13 news desk to report on the weather in rhyme yesterday. Flav was in town to visit his brother, who is an athletic director at a local high school, but more importantly, he was also there to give the city’s denizens their crucial weather report. Good news, Utah! Things are looking good around the state, Flavor Flav has confirmed it.

Because he’s a generous fellow, Flav also offered up his time for some light, morning news chatting about the song of the day. (Hint: It’s by Public Enemy.)

And he even helped out on a pet adoption segment, where he used his hype man skills to hype a charming dog named Patch.

And Now, Here Is Flavor Flav With the Weather