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Obama’s Nerdy Good-bye Message to MythBusters Is a New Level of Dad, Even for Our Most Dad-Like Elected Official

Obama’s second term in office has been a time for daring commentary about race and justice in America, debates about the merits of contemporary rap artists, and, of course, some of the most dad-like activities possible, such as his stint on Running Wild and the goodbye message he sent the Mythbusters team during their season finale last night. In it, Obama reaches a dangerously high level of dad, once which makes us wonder how much further into dad-ness our president can travel. When he leaves office, he may simply disappear in a puff of shaving cream, the smell of fresh khakis, and the echoing sound of an knock-knock joke, because he will have reached a moment of dad perfection — an apotheosis of dad.

Obama Sends a Good-bye Message to MythBusters