make donald drumpf again

Last Week Tonight’s ‘Donald Drumpf’ Segment Broke HBO Records; Donald Trump Will Probably Take Credit for This Feat by the Time You Finish Reading About It

John Oliver’s grassroots campaign to “Make Donald Drumpf Again” is working, if the numbers have anything to say about it. Last Week Tonight’s Donald Trump segment, which aired in February and revealed the Emperor’s New Clothes–level bombshell that Trump’s original family surname was Drumpf, is now by far the show’s most popular episode. On YouTube, the segment has 23.3 million views, a count that trounces Oliver’s previous record holder (a segment on FIFA) and its 12.5 million views. The message to “Make Donald Drumpf Again” has resonated so powerfully with the masses, gathering such a groundswell of support, that it has busted records for all of HBO as well. The network told CNNMoney that with its combined 85 million YouTube and Facebook views, the video’s popularity is “a record for any piece of HBO content.” Depending on your reading of the tarot cards, that makes the segment’s success either positive news for the good people at Last Week Tonight or a dark portent of the mythic popularity of anything tangentially touching Drumpf. Hey though, cool hat!

Oliver’s ‘Donald Drumpf’ Video Broke HBO Records