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Ernest Hemingway in the Papa: Hemingway in Cuba Trailer Is Liam Neeson in Taken, But With Daiquiris

Ernest Hemingway is here to kick ass and write the great American novel and, baby, he’s already written a ton of novels. While many viewers will associate an older Ernest Hemingway with subtle, pared-down writing about seas, Papa: Hemingway in Cuba showcases the sexier side of the author in his later years. The film follows Giovanni Ribisi’s character Ed Lynch, who is based on journalist Denne Bart Petitclerc, who was invited to stay with Hemingway in Cuba in the late ’50s after sending him a fan letter. Unfortunately for Lynch and Hemingway, but fortunately for us, the two meet just as the Cuban Revolution has begun. Their experience served as the basis for The Old Man and the Sea 2: Time to Kick the Sea’s Teeth In.

Papa Trailer: It’s Ernest Hemingway, Action Hero