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Peter Gallagher Cast in Cruel Intentions Revival to Play a Guy Who Is Nothing Like Sandy Cohen

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NBC’s Cruel Intentions pilot is really piecing together. And the most recent piece of the puzzle that will be joining the two other pieces of the puzzle (Kate Levering and Sarah Michelle Gellar) is Peter Gallagher, better known to some as The O.C.’s Sandy Cohen, and better known to some others as Peter Callaghan, the coma guy in everyone’s favorite movie ever, While You Were Sleeping. According to Variety, “Gallagher will play Edward Valmont, a sexy, beguiling, sophisticated, powerful and ruthless billionaire hotel magnate with fingers in many far-reaching financial pies — some legal, some not so much.” Hot damn! Take your fingers out of those pies, Mr. Moneybags! Apparently Edward is going to find out about his long-lost grandson, Bash (Taylor John Smith), and start schooling him on how to be wealthy. Mostly, we hope, by teaching him how to do the Scrooge McDuck in a giant pile of money.

Peter Gallagher Cast in Cruel Intentions Revival