Reductress Will Launch Its First Podcast ‘Mouth Time’ on March 16th

There are tons of exciting new podcasts premiering this month – Jemaine Clement’s The Mysterious Secrets of Uncle Bertie’s Botanarium, Chris Gethard’s Beautiful Stories From Anonymous People, and now, the first-ever podcast from satirical website Reductress. Titled Mouth Time, the podcast will debut on the Sideshow Network next Wednesday, March 16th and will be hosted by “fictional Reductress editors” Quenn (Nicole Silverberg) and Div (Anna Drezen). Here’s the podcast’s official description:

With Mouth Time, Reductress parodies the world of female-­oriented pop culture podcasts. Taking place within the world of Reductress, hosts basic bitch Quenn and hot mess Div, dish on the latest fashion and lifestyle trends, while giving their opinionated yet uninformed takes on the latest Reductress headlines. Each episode has a visit from a special “guestpert” who shares their expertise, whether it’s a psychic nutritionist doing a “food reading” or a not­sassy nonagenarian sexpert who hates sex. With a reliance on sassy catchphrases, “lady problems” and questionable advice, Quenn and Div will give you everything you’ve come to expect from a women’s magazine in 2016. Each episode has a title and theme, like “It’s butt cancer week!” “Our friend Lisa S. is missing!” or “We made a pregnancy pact!” ​Sample Segments include: Girl Peeves! Div got caught shoplifting an antelope from the Natural History Museum and is proposing a boycott of all businesses run by “bone scientists.” Would You Fuck It? The hosts and guestpert go through a list of trendy, woman­related items and say whether or not they would fuck it. Ex: Peter Pan collars, GMO produce, abstinence, etc. The Mouth Wash Quenn and Div bring you the freshest, mintiest headlines from that everyone’s talking about.

Reductress Will Launch Its First Podcast ‘Mouth Time’ […]