Rihanna Lets Fan Sing, Immediately Makes the Dumbfounded Face of Someone Who Just Discovered a Star

Many a Rihanna fan dreams of being front row at one of her concerts; few actually see the day. And if you happen to be said fan blessed with the voice of an angel who also scores front-row tickets, you make sure to let not just Rihanna, but the entire arena and all the internet know. That is the story to come out of one of Rihanna’s Anti World Tour stops over the weekend, where she did what every artist does and handed one of her devotees the microphone during “FourFiveSeconds.” Usually, these things are the source of secondhand embarrassment. Who among us hasn’t completely tanked at least once when put on the spot? But not in this case — not Terah Jay.

See, this instant internet star came ready and armed to snatch wigs, record deals, and Rihanna’s face, which contorted in ways only a person who just had their sold-out show momentarily stolen from them can. And like a queen unafraid to let her subjects occasionally borrow her throne, RiRi handed him the mic for a second time and thanked him. Just so it’s clear who’ll be singing backup for the remainder of her tour.

And for more from Terah Jay, here he is slaying elsewhere on the internet:

Rihanna Has the Perfect Reaction to Fan’s Voice