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Wisconsin Nails Buzzer Beater, Bill Murray Does Not Appreciate It, Internet Capitalizes

Happier Murray. Photo: Jemal Countess/Getty Images

In the latest March Madness upset, No. 7 Wisconsin eked out a last-second, come-from-behind win over No. 2 Xavier. It was an electrifying Sunday night matchup that saw the Badgers’ Bronson Koenig drill a deep, corner-fading three-pointer to make the final score 66-63 and push his team to the Sweet Sixteen. If you were watching (or attending) as a Wisconsin fan, the buzzer beater was like a beautiful dream come true. If you weren’t — like Bill Murray — it was something closer to heartbreak, mixed with a hint of stunned denial:

Some people are incredibly happy after a buzzer beater...others aren't.

Posted by CBS Sports on Sunday, March 20, 2016

The actor and national treasure was on hand at the Scottrade Center because his son, Luke, is an assistant coach for the Musketeers. The elder Murray went as a supporter for the game (and was having fun!), but little did he know he would leave as a meme for the people because, yes, the world is cruel. As Uproxx points out, Stunned Bill Murray instantly got the internet treatment (i.e., cryingMichael Jordan Photoshop):

A couple dogs did their best Bill Murray impressions, too:

R.I.P., sanity. R.I.P., sanctity. (The other bad news is with Xavier knocked out of the NCAA Tournament that likely means no more Bill Murray at the NCAA Tournament; the Badgers, however, face No. 6 Notre Dame on Friday.) We are sorry, Bill.

Bill Murray Did Not Appreciate Wisconsin’s Win