Samantha Bee Tackles Rape Kit Laws and the Legislators Who Obstruct Them on ‘Full Frontal’

Without a doubt, Samantha Bee and the team at Full Frontal have been crushing it during their first few weeks on TBS, but last night’s segment on the huge rape kit backlog in the United States and push to enact laws against destroying untested kits took the show to new heights. Not only is Full Frontal the only late night show willing to devote so much time to such a serious issue, but Bee’s passionate takedown of figures like Georgia State Senator Renee Unterman and Idaho Sheriff Craig Rowland – who blocked a unanimous vote in her state to stop rape kits from being destroyed and denied that most rapes are nonconsensual, respectively – is nothing short of old-school, Daily Show-style venom. “Local elections are a lot like rape kits,” Bee says at the end of the segment. “No one really wants to pay attention to them, but if you bother to open them up, you might just get rid of someone who’s been screwing everyone in town.”

Samantha Bee Tackles Rape Kit Laws and the Legislators […]