Sara Schaefer Investigates ‘Rape Lying’ as a Potential Career Path for Women

Bill Cosby. Roman Polanski. Mike Tyson. Ben Roethlisberger. These are just a few of the big-name male celebrities who have been caught on the receiving end of the latest potential career path for women looking for an easy buck through rape accusations. But is a career in making rape allegations worth it, and how much money, exactly, can women make from the job? That’s what Sara Schaefer sets out to investigate in this new web video, where she consults Jezebel writers, a wealthy and successful female CEO, and a career coach to (very sarcastically) entertain the idea that women call out their sexual attackers for the fame and fortune – not, you know, the fact that they’ve been raped: “Maybe – just maybe – the women that accused these men of rape did so because they were actually raped. But until women as a whole become more trustworthy, we’ll never know.”

Sara Schaefer Investigates ‘Rape Lying’ as a Potential […]