Idris Elba Sounds Just As Sexy As You Assumed Voicing a Tiger in The Jungle Book

Idris Elba has essentially been a sexy tiger all his life, so, of course, voicing one for Disney’s upcoming live-action The Jungle Book was not exactly a stretch. He’s playing Shere Khan, the most ruthless feline since Scar, who we’re not ashamed to admit we were also once oddly attracted to way back when. (What? Being a kid is confusing!) The first clip from the film introduces Idris’s Shere Khan, who’s hot on the scent of young Mowgli and ready for the kill, which leads to a totally unsexy line about all the grown-man things Idris, er, Shere Khan can do. Rawr! And you thought The Jungle Book was just for children.

See Idris Elba Voice a Tiger in The Jungle Book