Watch This Reggie Watts Music Video for the Stunning Creative Control

Just a few days ago, our critic David Edelstein gave a rave to the new movie Creative Control, a dark comedy tinged with sci-fi from actor-director Benjamin Dickinson. But if you’re still trying to figure out whether to see the film (opening today), why not let Reggie Watts make the case with this exclusive music video?

The Late Late Show with James Corden bandleader has a little skin in this game: Watts plays himself in Creative Control, where he’s brought on by Williamsburg marketer David (played by Dickinson) to pitch a line of high-tech eyeglasses — called Augmenta — that allow the wearer to manipulate reality. Trouble is, these characters already have plenty of trouble dealing with reality, so the glasses enable their obsessions and digressions rather than providing clarity. Anyway, that’s our logline — press play above, and let Watts perform his own explanation.

See Reggie Watts’s Creative Control Music Video