Seeso Is Sponsoring the Best SXSW Comedy Events This Weekend

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If you’re at SXSW this year, you’re probably feeling overwhelmed by the sheer number of live events, celebrity panels, popup brunch tents and custom lounges. But don’t let “analysis paralysis” prevent you from making the right choice. This weekend, Seeso has a kick ass schedule of comedy events featuring the likes of Dan Harmon, Cameron Esposito, Scott Aukerman, Paul F. Tompkins and much more.

See the schedule below!

@ Esther’s Follies - Saturday 3/12

6pm - Who Charted?: Bajillion Dollar Propertie$ Edition

Join Kulap Vilaysack, Howard Kremer, Paul F. Tompkins, producer Scott Aukerman and a lineup of stars from Seeso’s original comedy series Bajillion Dollar Propertie$ for this very special SXSW edition of Who ChartedPlus, enjoy an exclusive musical performance from the one and only Dragonboy Suede!

And, closing out the show, the Bajillion Dollar Propertie$ cast (including Drew Tarver, Mandell Maughan, Ryan Gaul, Tawny Newsome) takes the stage to perform an improvised set inspired by stories from Paul, Scott, and the hosts of Who Charted?.

8pm - HarmonQuest (w/ Dan Harmon and the HarmonQuest crew)

The live gaming show (and forthcoming animated series from Seeso) HarmonQuest explores the world of fantasy roleplaying with Community creator Dan Harmon. Inspired in part by his wildly popular weekly gaming sessions at LA’s Nerdmelt theater, HarmonQuest features co-host Jeff B. Davis, resident Dungeon Master Spencer Crittenden, and producer Erin McGathy, who help guide comics and crowds on a hilarious journey that’s fun for serious players and novices alike.

10pm - Take My Wife (w/ Cameron Esposito and Rhea Butcher)

Newlyweds Cameron Esposito and Rhea Butcher are joined by a lineup of funny friends in this standup showcase celebrating their Seeso Original series, Take My Wife. Esposito and Butcher are the co-creators of acclaimed LA standup show (and podcast) Put Your Hands Together, and they co-star in Take My Wife, a show following the young married couple as elements of their domestic lives provide material for the underground stand-up showcase they run.

@ The Belmont - Saturday 3/12

10:30PM - The SXSW Comedy Opening Party

Join the epic comedy opening party being thrown by Comcast Ventures and Seeso. It’s open to badge holders, and it was just announced that Ludacris and Lil Jon will be performing. 

@ The Hideout - Sunday 3/13

7pm - Marriage Material with Cameron Esposito

Cameron Esposito’s highly anticipated new special, Marriage Material, premieres March 24 on Seeso, but she’s giving SXSW a sneak preview in this hour-long show. Expect plenty of – you guessed it – marriage material from Esposito, who recorded this highly anticipated special just two days before her wedding.

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Seeso Is Sponsoring the Best SXSW Comedy Events This […]