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Seth Meyers’s Plan to Deal With ‘Clown With a Knife’ Donald Trump Differs Greatly From Plans for Other Knife-Clowns

Typically, dealing with a clown with a knife requires a series of evasive maneuvers: stepping on their giant squeaky shoes, turning their seltzer flower and spraying it into their own eyes, grabbing the keys to their tiny car and driving to the nearest police station before all the other clowns in the car can stab you. You know, the stuff you learned in school. Seth Meyers’s plan for dealing with “clown with a knife” Donald Trump, however, aims to balance the leading Republican candidate’s ridiculousness with his dangerousness. Meyers’s plan? Passive-aggressive jokes that highlight Trump’s absurdity. Reminder: Never, ever, ever do that with an actual clown with a knife. Funny protest-posters will only intensify their laughter and increase their stabs-per-minute rate.

Seth Meyers: Trump’s ‘A Clown With a Knife’