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The Spice Girls Are Planning a 20th Anniversary Tour, So You Should Probably Saaay You’ll Beee Theeerrre

The Spice Girls attend the premiere of Columbia Pi
Photo: Frederick Brown/AFP/Getty Images

Like your parents before you, passing the knowledge down generation to generation, it is now your turn to explain to your child what “zig-a-zig-ah” means. It’s like a dance, right? Or having sex? Well, you have some time to figure out, because while Us Weekly reports that the Spice Girls are currently planning to return for a 20th anniversary tour, there is allegedly a sole holdout. Yes, of course it’s Victoria Beckham. “They are trying to convince Victoria to jump in, but she doesn’t want to do it,” a source told the magazine. That makes sense. If your knees were reduced to a fine powder from dancing in stilettos for years, you probably wouldn’t be too keen, say, to moonwalk the foxtrot or polka the salsa. Is one of those what “zig-a-zig-ah” means maybe? No, it’s sex, right?

Spice Girls Planning a 20th Anniversary Tour