Let This Teaser Awaken the Force of Your Need for More Star Wars Footage

If Star Wars withdrawal is driving you to pull your hair and claw your skin while you wait for December’s Rogue One, fear not: You can now see some new footage shot in a galaxy far, far away. Sure, it’s mostly footage of characters looking at stuff in hallways, but people in Beggar’s Canyon can’t be choosers, right? Disney just released a teaser trailer for the deleted scenes included in next month’s home-video release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and the images raise more questions than they answer. When, exactly, did Kylo Ren have time to inspect the Millennium Falcon? How did Han, Chewie, and Finn get out of Maz Kanata’s basement? Will we finally see some resolution of the romantic tension between Rey and PZ-4CO? Start penning your deleted-scene fanfic now.

Star Wars Deleted Scenes Teaser Arrives