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In Case It Was Keeping You Up Nights, Don’t Worry: Stephen Colbert’s Wife Is Cool With Him Kissing Ladies on His Show

Stephen Colbert’s wife is fine with all the recent smooching on The Late Show, but what does she say about the graphic sex scenes? Hmm? There aren’t any graphic sex scenes on The Late Show? Then who was that guy you saw? It sure looked like Stephen Colbert from the back. Well, whoever he was, he seemed to enjoy kissing Helen Mirren and Sally Field just as much as Stephen did this week. Late Show producer Meredith Scardino does have a point, though: It might feel inappropriate if an older male actor aggressively frenched a female late-night talk show host. Unless we’re talking Ian McKellan and Samantha Bee, because you swear to God you already saw that video, too.

Stephen Colbert Looks Back on All His Kissing