Sutton Foster Says Filming Gilmore Girls Revival Was ‘Crazy’ and ‘Beyond,’ So Please Allow Your Excitement to Foment Accordingly

Photo: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

Finally, some Gilmore Girls revival news that isn’t more crushing than your most wistful missed connection. Sutton Foster has finished filming her bits (she’s playing a new character in two of the four episodes), and she had a great time! The self-proclaimed Gilmore Girls “super nerd,” who is also a very successful working actress, described her time in Stars Hollow as “crazy” and “beyond.” Talking to EW, Foster revealed that she shares a “surreal” scene with Lauren Graham, which we imagine was surreal in the way that staring straight into the eyes of the road not taken would be. Foster’s character also interacts with Babette, Miss Patty, Sophie, and Taylor, as well as some “surprise” others. The erstwhile Bunheads star and Amy Sherman-Palladino muse added of her spot on the show, “I was totally satisfied with the experience. I mean, would I want more? Always.” Which is weird, because that’s exactly what you are going to say after watching the new episodes.

Sutton Foster on Being in Gilmore Girls Revival