Watch Hannibal Buress Play the Worst Cupid in BJ the Chicago Kid’s Music Video for ‘The New Cupid’

Cupid, according to BJ the Chicago Kid, is done helping relationships — now he’s sabotaging them with Fight Club–esque culinary tendencies. In the Matt Barnes–helmed music vid above, Cupid is also a wig-wearing Hannibal Buress. “BJ was telling me how the video was missing one piece,” the comedian told Rolling Stone earlier on Thursday. “It was me. I came into the picture and made this project whole. The cherry on top. The final stroke of the paintbrush on a masterpiece. A lot of people have been asking about my compensation for this project. BJ paid me in a lifetime subscription to Tidal and three ghostwritten 13-bar verses about any subject matter of my choosing. Stay blessed.” Roll the clip to see “The New Cupid” in action, and if you want Hannibal to star in your own personal project, know that’s as easy as buying him a lifetime subscription to Amazon Prime Video.

See Hannibal As Cupid in BJ the Chicago Kid Vid