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Finally There’s a Revenant Honest Trailer, and It Wants You to Realize You Basically Watched a Period Version of Jackass

According to The Revenant’s honest trailer, Alejandro Iñárritu’s Academy Award–winning film is really Jackass 4, set in the 1820s. Remember that scene where the protagonist burns his neck? All Chris Pontius. Or how about the knife in the calf? Totally Knoxville. The good people at Screen Junkies also throw in Pootie Tang, a supercut of Tom Hardy saying “pelts,” and a brief biopic about the sky, because Steve O. Glass and friends eventually had to go to the hospital, thanks to a bear stunt gone awry. Roll the clip above to relive some of the period comedy that could have been.

The Revenant’s Honest Trailer Evokes Jackass