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Watch the Guys Who Blur Naked and Afraid Talk About Their Very Difficult Job That You Definitely Don’t Want

Behind all great triumphs stand unsung heroes, brave men and women who give their all, getting no credit in kind. And so it is with reality show Naked and Afraid and its staff of graphic designers, the people who blur the contestants’ private bits in order to make things a little less naked and lot less scary for the rest of us. As they revealed to Entertainment Tonight, it’s the job of the “Blur Man Group” to stand watch for anything beyond the bow of butt; they have to pixel up the image while keeping things “as natural as possible.” If you’re thinking, Staring fixedly at naked people — I can do that, beware. According to graphics supervisor Erin Gavin, “You always have to keep a lookout because things will pop out.”

These Guys Blur Naked and Afraid’s Private Parts