Time Warner Joins Disney and AMC in Opposition to Georgia Anti-Gay Bill

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Time Warner is the latest studio to voice opposition to a Georgia bill that would, among other things, prevent individuals from having to perform or attend same-sex marriages. Yesterday, Disney stated that they would boycott filming in Georgia if the bill went through, and AMC came out against the bill as well. Viacom joined in yesterday, issuing a statement urging Governor Nathan Deal to veto. Time Warner, another major media company that uses Georgia’s resources, urged Deal to veto the bill in a statement Thursday: “At Time Warner, diversity in all its forms is core to our value system and to the success of our business. We strongly oppose the discriminatory language and intent of Georgia’s pending religious liberty bill, which clearly violates the values and principles of inclusion and the ability of all people to live and work free from discrimination.” The company added that they “urge Governor Deal to exercise his veto.” According to DeadlineDeal has until May 3 to veto.

UPDATE: The Weinstein Company has stated that they will boycott filming in Georgia if the bill goes through. Here is the company’s statement: “The Weinstein Company will not stand behind sanctioning the discrimination of‎ LGBT people or any American. We have plans in place to begin filming Lee Daniels’s new film in Georgia later this year, but will move the production if this unlawful bill is enacted.  We hope Governor Deal will veto bill HB 757 and not allow sanctioned bigotry to become law in Georgia.”

UPDATE No. 2: Starz, 21st Century Fox, and Lionsgate have issued statements urging Governor Deal to veto the bill.

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Time Warner Is Against Georgia’s Anti-Gay Bill