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Trevor Noah Explains Why TV Is Obsessed With Donald Trump, in a TV Segment About Donald Trump, Which We Know Isn’t Helping But Who Even Knows What to Do Anymore

Who’s to blame for the rise of Donald Trump? White working-class voters, who have largely been left behind by the American economy and are looking for a strong leader who will “make America great again”? The Republican Establishment, which has stoked its base’s racial resentments for 30 years and now finds itself unable to stop the train? Or the media, which is profiting greatly from this whole circus? Probably a mix of all three, but on The Daily Show Monday night, Trevor Noah took aim at the last one, explaining how news networks’ Trump mania has resulted in $2 billion of free advertising for the Donald. Criticizing TV shows’ obsessive focus on Donald Trump with a TV segment about Donald Trump? Hm. It’s a crazy plan, but it just might work.

Trevor Noah: Blame Media for Donald Trump’s Rise