Watch Tyler the Creator and A$AP Rocky Remix Kanye’s ‘Freestyle 4’ in the Greatest Studio Session Since The Life of Pablo

The studio sessions for Kanye West’s The Life of Pablo have become the stuff of legend, documented continuously with signatures on a legal notepad, of which A$AP Rocky’s was one. Another friendly face from around that time was Tyler the Creator, the man responsible for taking the photo of Kanye that Ye turned into a mock Rolling Stone cover. Perhaps inspired by whatever the hell went down during Pablo, Tyler and A$AP have re-created a bit of that scene for us in a video for their remix to Kanye’s “Freestyle 4,” which they’ve renamed “What the Fuck Right Now.” It’s mostly Tyler snapping on the beat (which he’s previously lost his mind over), with A$AP providing a few intermittent punch lines and ad-libs.

But what they’re saying isn’t really the point here (Kanye’s original verses are nothing special either); it’s the absolute euphoria they’re demonstrating while saying it. What we’re seeing is a few close friends clowning around in the studio, literally jumping off its walls, and living without a care. (There’s even a motorcycle in the corner, just for the hell of it.) And for more on their bromance, watch A$AP’s spot-on Tyler impression below.

Tyler the Creator and A$AP Rocky Remixed Kanye