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UnREAL’s Bachelorette Faith Heads Off to the Big City in the Web Series The Faith Diaries

When the second season of UnREAL returns on June 6 to Lifetime, it will do so with the same manipulative, neurotic producers, but a new slate of contestants for Everlasting. Meaning: We likely won’t see Adam and the rest of the bachelorettes again in the season. So, to hold you over until the new season, showrunner Sarah Gertrude Shapiro has a ten-episode series of digital shorts following Faith, the charmingly awkward, lesbian contestant played by Breeda Wool. She’s packed her bags and moved to L.A. with her more-than-just-friends friend. Here’s the first of the shorts below: She gets scammed on Craigslist! She moves in with a lesbian couple! Each episode is only a few minutes long, so you can definitely blow through these on your coffee break.

You can watch the rest on MyLifetime.com.

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