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Watch a Clip From The Wine Show With Matthew Goode and Matthew Rhys If You Like Stuff That’s Charming as Hell

Matthew Rhys and Matthew Goode have a new show for U.K. Network ITV called The Wine Show, and, damn, is it charming. (Watch the trailer here.) We think we speak for everyone when we say, no one truly knows anything about wine or cares about wine at all, but that totally doesn’t matter in this case. We promise you’ll want to watch The Two ‘Thews taste and talk about every wine from here to Timbuktu. (Timbuktu is well-known for their wines, right? Again, no one really knows. Also, no one knows whether either of these two refer to it as “Timbuk-Thew.”)  Check out the clip above and tell us you don’t wish you were standing between those guys swishin’ around some red with notes of grape and undertones of grape.

Watch a Clip From The Wine Show