A Tearful Naomi Campbell Stars in the Video for ANOHNI’s Devastating New Song

You may not have seen ANOHNI at the Oscars — which the singer boycotted after producers canned a performance of her nominated song — but you will see her now. Well, technically, you won’t, because the video for her gut-wrenching new song, “Drone Bomb Me,” doesn’t feature her at all. Instead the Nabil-directed visual stars Naomi Campbell, in a tear-soaked performance meant to represent the lyrical focal point of a young Afghan girl whose family has been murdered by a drone, and who would like nothing more than to die with them. “It’s an indictment of America and other countries’ drone campaign in Afghanistan and Pakistan,” ANONHI says of the powerful song. The video, which features some breathtaking choreography, captures the emotional toll and numbness to fear left in the bomb’s wake. “Drone Bomb Me” is the second offering from ANOHNI’s debut album (under this moniker), HOPELESSNESS, co-produced by Hudson Mohawke and Oneohtrix Point Never, out May 6. Warning: Your makeup won’t look half as fabulous as Naomi’s does once you’re done sobbing.

Watch ANOHNI’s New Naomi Campbell-Starring Video