Watch Episode 2 of Dan Harmon’s ‘Great Minds’ with Scott Adsit as Ernest Hemingway

Here’s the latest episode of Dan Harmon’s History series Great Minds, where Spencer manages to bring back Ernest Hemingway (Scott Adsit) despite Harmon’s request for more diversity in his guests. Like his interview with Beethoven last week, Harmon sits down with Hemingway to run through some facts on his Wikipedia page, and unlike Beethoven, the two do a lot of drinking, attempt to go fishing, and ponder the meaning and value of life and death. Hemingway’s intensity also causes Harmon to make some big confessions: “I own a mannequin leg and I rub the toe on my nipple while I pleasure myself, I got married for the wrong reasons, I’m divorced, I’m proud of her for getting away, I have a girlfriend now, we do a lot of roleplaying … I have codependent tendencies … possibly bipolar, OCD, a touch of borderline … I put a Sharpie pen in my ass once – I didn’t wanna go full dildo…”

If you missed the first episode featuring Jack Black as Beethoven, check it out here.

Watch Episode 2 of Dan Harmon’s ‘Great Minds’ with […]