New York’s Hottest Club Is Hell’s Club. It Has Everything: Groot, 3 James Bonds, Howard the Duck, All Mashed-Up Together

Hell’s Club is a place where all your favorite film characters come together to party. Filmmaker Antonio Maria da Silva masterfully edited characters from different movies together into one long scene in a nightclub called Hell’s Club. This video is a follow up on the original Hell’s Club video, released in August, and it even has an appropriate sequel name: Hell’s Club Part Two: Another Night. You’ll see three different James Bonds, Austin Powers, Groot, Carrie, C-3PO, RoboCop, Hunter S. Thompson, Sandy and Danny from Grease, and more, bathed in red light and dancing like there’s no tomorrow. We’re looking forward to Hell’s Club 7, a.k.a He77’s C7ub.

Watch Iconic Film Characters Party Together