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James Corden Helped Tyga Buy a House, and Treated Him With All the Respect That He Deserves

In case this late-night hosting thing doesn’t work out, James Corden is already practicing for his next job: cable-TV real-estate agent! On Monday night, Corden joined the stars of Million Dollar Listing to show a house to Paul McCartney’s least-favorite rapper, Tyga. What does Tyga look for in a house? A large bed, probably, and maybe a lot of flat surfaces. What does he not look for in a house? A silly British comedian, making a mess of everything. Part two, which will presumably reveal whether or not Tyga bought the house, will air Tuesday night.

Update: Part two, which sees Corden make use of all the tools at his disposal (mostly nudity) to sell a house, is below:

Watch James Corden Help Tyga Buy a House