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Matt LeBlanc Takes Over Top Gear, Drives Around in an American Flagmobile; Also, Seems to Be Enjoying Himself in a Moroccan Desert

Matt LeBlanc, an American, has taken over as a host of British car show Top Gear, replacing the sacked Brit Jeremy Clarkson. Just in case you didn’t get the whole “an American guy replaced a British guy on a British show” dynamic, the season 23 trailer sees Matt LeBlanc drive around in an American Flagmobile with an American-flag helmet on to remind everyone that he is an American. Despite the hosting shakeup, the show appears to be running like a well-oiled machine (or is it?) proving that American men and British men can come together over the common interest of yelling while driving around fast.

Meanwhile, in the new teaser below, LeBlanc tests his off-roading skills in a gorgeous Ariel Nomad  but not before taking a pound of dirt to his face in the process. How you doin’, Morocco? (Unrelated: do you think Jeremy Clarkson would be a Joey or a Chandler?)

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