Robert Had an Incredible Wheel of Fortune Run, Has Been Blacklisted From All Game Nights

It’s game-night Friday and your friend brought his friend Robert. He seems like a nice guy, but then you start playing. Robert destroys all of you at Bananagrams. He lays waste with words like syzygy and quetzal on Scrabble. He ruins you at Boggle. He’s the guy who studied the list of weird words beforehand so that he can savor the moment when he stands up and screams, “Bananas!” You tell Robert he should go on Wheel of Fortune. So he does, and he studies all of the nautical words and phrases to prepare beforehand so that he can solve puzzles like “Port and Starboard” with just the letter D and manage to figure out “Exhilarating Water Slide.” Robert swept the board and won $76,000 in cash and prizes including two cruises. You know, it’s great for you, Robert, but you’re never invited to game night again. We’re inviting Emil.

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