Watch Sally Field and Max Greenfield Have an Awkward Encounter With Jack Antonoff in Hello, My Name Is Doris

In this exclusive clip from Hello, My Name Is Doris (out this Friday in New York and Los Angeles), Sally Field has a whole lot on her plate to deal with. She’s playing Doris, a shy, 60-ish woman who’s finally opening up and trying to live her life. Along the way, she meets Max Greenfield’s John, and despite their major age difference, she starts falling for him.

The clip picks up while the two of them are on a date at a very loud, very youthful concert, to which Doris has worn a … bold … outfit. After the pair goes backstage, they meet Jack Antonoff, playing an eccentric musician who finds himself beguiled by Doris and her unusual vibe.

He’s not the only one who fell for Field. “She’s awesome,” Doris director Michael Showalter told Vulture last night at the movie’s Metrograph premiere, hosted by The Cinema Society and Belvedere. “She’s just amazing, so charming and sexy. I’ve always loved Sally Field and I still do.”

As for that age difference, “I didn’t set out to make any big comment about age as far as relationships go,” said Showalter, who had something more meaningful in mind. “Finding love is hard, and I think maybe, if anything, the movie just tries to be true about [how] connection is hard to find.”

Additional reporting by Heather Schwedel.

Watch Sally Field and Max Greenfield Get Awkward