Santigold Takes a Stroll Around NYC in Her New Video, Casually Gets Cyberstalked by Jay Z, Olivia Wilde, and More of Her Famous Friends

Have you ever walked down the street, so engrossed in your Instagram feed that you accidentally bump into someone and either have to apologize profusely or … not? No? Just me? Well, it seems Santigold has been there, too, because her new video and its accompanying song are all about how grossly obsessed with our social-media presence we’ve become that the line between it and IRL no longer exists. Case in point: She walks down the street and what should be posters for some album is actually her friend Jay Z, beaming in through the power of something. Happens to us all! And when Santi hops in an Uber, she gets Olivia Wilde playing with her hair in real time on a giant billboard. Casual. And, oh, look, it’s Pharrell just FaceTiming in from the studio over a basketball game she happens to be watching at a lunch spot. Naturally, Santi’s Photobooth adventures involve an intrusion from Andy Samberg, on his actual MacBook Photobooth, because this video wasn’t meta enough. And if you watch the interactive version, you, too, can insert yourself in Santi’s world because what is reality even?

Watch Santigold’s Cameo-Filled New Video