Bruce Springsteen and Eddie Vedder Sang ‘Bobby Jean’ in Seattle, Like It Was Always Meant to Be

Perpetual duet partners Bruce Springsteen and Eddie Vedder were probably always destined to cross paths one sleepless night in Seattle. Thursday night was that night, on Springsteen’s The River tour stop in the Emerald City, Vedder’s spiritual motherland. They’ve performed countless Springsteen songs together before (plus some AC/DC and Pearl Jam, obviously), and every time it’s something different. Last night, Springsteen brought Vedder to his stage for one of his Born in the USA cuts, “Bobby Jean.” You have never seen two dudes more happy to be hopping around like old pals onstage together than Springsteen and Vedder were in this moment. This is a bromance for the rock-and-roll ages; may no Twitter beef ever come between them.

Watch Springsteen and Vedder Sing ‘Bobby Jean’