Watch the Beatles’ Tribute Video for George Martin, Featuring Ringo Starr, Brian Eno, and More

Before the legendary Beatles producer George Martin passed away on Wednesday, at the age of 90, he and his son Giles had been working on an eight-part PBS docuseries about innovations in music recording, largely inspired by Martin’s own influential work. Now footage from that series, Soundbreaking: Songs from the Cutting Edge of Recorded Music, has been fittingly recut into a moving tribute to the man behind it all. The preview, uploaded to the Beatles YouTube account, features interviews with many of his collaborators and famous fans, including Ringo Starr, Brian Eno, Nigel Godrich (who credits Martin as “the guy who invented the job”), and more. It also includes Martin in his own words, explaining the unique recording process that shaped his legacy. The full doc is expected to air on PBS in November.

Update: Watch the trailer for Martin’s Soundbreaking PBS series below.

Watch the Beatles Tribute Video to George Martin