‘California Kids’ Music Video: Damn Weezer, Back at It Again With the Cannoli

The latest white-album visuals are here, and they’re essentially a messy amalgamation of what came before. Directed by SCANTRON and Jade Ehlers, the “California Kids” footage has Rivers Cuomo reenacting key scenes from “L.A. Girlz,” “King of the World,” and “Thank God for Girls.” That means you get to relive this surreal game of Ring Around the Rosie, this slow-speed beach chase, and this absurd cannoli commercial — all set to Weezer’s semi-new song about West Coast vibes and heroics. “It’s going to be alright / If you’re on a sinking ship / The California kids / Will throw you a lifeline,” Cuomo croons. And sure enough, the “Damn, Daniel” guys pull through. (Not April 1 yet, so that last part is not a joke.)

Cuomo Has More Cannoli for You in New Weezer Vid