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Hamilton Cast Does West Wing Walk-and-Talk From the East Wing, Because All Art Is Just Variations on a Theme

The West Wing is adored for its sonorously rhythmic dialogue, so it makes a sick kind of sense that combining the show’s rat-a-tat banter with Hamilton’s hip-hop broke a sound barrier, bringing the number of words per minute way down. At least that’s what happened in today’s Ham4Ham, in which Hamilton’s cabinet paid tribute to The West Wing from the East Wing, walk-and-talking “Cabinet Battle #1,” a number that is normally dance-and-rapped. This is all fine and good, and we know that The West Wing inspired Hamilton and that, with the whole intelligent-hothead-who-has-an-in-house-father-figure-thing, Alexander Hamilton is clearly a Josh. But, Lin-Manuel Miranda, you came all of this way. We would have liked to see your Jackal.

Hamilton Cast Does West Wing Walk-and-Talk