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Will Smith and Joel Edgerton Join Upcoming David Ayer Cop Drama, Blah Blah; Wait, One of Them Is Going to Be Playing an Orc?

Joel Edgerton and Will Smith.

According to The Wrap, both Will Smith and Joel Edgerton are attached to star in Bright, a new cop-drama from director David Ayer and, oh gawd, I feel the interest just draining from your eyes, but don’t worry, I promise you there was a good reason you clicked on this story and it’s coming in just a few more words, okay, here it comes: The movie apparently takes place “in a world where orcs and fairies live among humans,” and the movie’s lead will be an orc police-officer. (“Ready to serve … and protect!”) Which, yes, means that once this project finds a studio and actually gets shot and released you’ll eventually see either Will Smith or Joel Edgerton in makeup as an orc cop. That’s a fun mental image, but we gotta say, they really dropped the ball on calling this thing Bad Orcs.

Will Smith and Joel Edgerton Join Orc-Cop Drama