Wiz Khalifa Is Unfazed You Think He Lost That Twitter Beef With Kanye

Nothing to see here. Photo: Getty Images

In what will surely be remembered as the Great Twitter Beef of January 2016, it was the pretty clear consensus that Kanye emerged victorious over his frenemy Wiz Khalifa. Sure, the cheap shots were aplenty (bringing up someone’s kids is never wise), but there’s no coming back from being called a copycat and a distraction, being told your estranged wife’s ex-boyfriend owns your son, while also getting a (possibly) sincere compliment about your pants, all in the span of a 17-part Twitter epic. That’s a lethal combo too gruesome for even Mortal Kombat. But if you think Wiz spends his day sobbing about #Wizwearscoolpants between joints, dream on: “When shit don’t matter, it don’t faze you,” he tells GQ in a colorful new profile, also making sure to remind us that, technically, he started the beef and has zero regrets. “Why would I? I have nothing to apologize for.” And his and Kanye’s eventual reconciliation? Yeah, it was all Wiz’s idea to keep it short and semi-sweet, because why dwell? “I keep shit brief. But for him, it’s no animosity, so it ain’t even no thing.”

Plus, Wiz has bigger fish to fry, like finding new ways to self-medicate post–Amber Rose — a herculean task only Kanye himself can understand:

Wiz tells me he hasn’t been sober since he traveled to Dubai, a couple of years ago. Before that, who knows?

Do you remember what it was like, to be sober?

“Yeah, I remember what it was like. It sucked.”

Wiz Khalifa Still Unfazed About Kanye Beef