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Wonder Woman Writer Jason Fuchs to Pen DC’s Lobo Movie, So Guess He Did a Pretty Good Job on Wonder Woman

Jason Fuchs. Photo: Taylor Hill/Getty Images

After this year, “pulling a Jason Fuchs” will mean “launching multiple superhero franchises” as opposed to what it means now, which is nothing. According to the Wrap, Wonder Woman screenwriter Jason Fuchs has also been hired to bring superhero Lobo to the silver screen for Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment. Fuchs will allegedly start “from scratch” on the film’s story, which of course concerns an alien bounty-hunting biker mercenary. Jason Fuchs better watch out, though. If Wonder Woman and Lobo are both successful, Warner Bros. and DC will put him to work on more and more superhero movies. Just think of how many superheros they could potentially turn into films. It’s superheroes all the way down. The studio’s going to have to put Jason Fuchs in a cryogenic chamber so he can never age, but can also reach his laptop, and they just don’t really make those yet.

Wonder Woman Screenwriter to Pen Lobo Movie