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Zack Snyder on Batman v Superman’s Terrible Reviews: ‘It Is What It Is’

Batman v Superman. Photo: Warner Brothers

Have you heard the news about Batman v Superman? Critics hate it! A.O. Scott calls it “about as diverting as having a porcelain sink broken over your head,” Stephanie Zacharek says it’s “topheavy with false portent,” and our own David Edelstein raves, “Most people will leave feeling drained and depressed.” (According to the Tomatometer, the movie is exactly as bad as The Room.) So how does BvS director Zack Snyder feel about all of this? “I’m a comic book guy and I made the movie based as much as I could on that aesthetic,” Snyder told Yahoo. “And so I don’t know how else to do it 100 percent, so it is what it is.” Basically a non-answer, but it’s up to you to decide how many tears would have to start slowly streaming down Snyder’s face for you to start actually feeling kind of bad for him.

Zack Snyder on BvS Reviews: ‘It Is What It Is’