According to Zack Snyder, Batman’s Kill Policy Is Basically Steve Urkel Asking ‘Did I Do That?’

Photo: Warner Bros.

In today’s edition of Zack Snyder Keeps Saying and Doing Things, Zack Snyder said some more things. Specifically, the thing he said is that Batman’s famously steely moral compass is actually more like, “Whatcha gonna do?” Explaining why his Batman  — spoiler alert — kills people, the BvS director said, “I tried to do it by proxy. Shoot the car they’re in, the car blows up or the grenade would go off in the guy’s hand, or when he shoots the tank and the guy pretty much lights the tank [himself]. I perceive it as him not killing directly, but if the bad guys are associated with a thing that happens to blow up, he would say that that’s not really my problem.” You know, your basic “Oopsies” defense. Snyder also employed the “But Someone Else Did the Thing I That I Did” tactic, tattling on Christopher Nolan and Tim Burton to HeyUGuys by pointing to a video that shows Batman killing in those movies, too. With that rock-hard line of logic, who are we to question Snyder? But it sure is impressive that Batman can shrug so hard under that heavy costume.

Zack Snyder Explains Batman’s Kills in BvS