Zack Snyder Wants to Make 300-Style George Washington Biopic

Here comes the general!

The Hamilton boom is real: After he finishes his Batman v Superman and Justice League commitments, Zack Snyder says his dream project would be a 300-style action film about George Washington. “We were talking about it,” the director told Bloomberg Pursuits. “The first thing we asked was, well, how are we going to make it look? I pointed at this painting [of Washington crossing the Delaware]. It looks like 300. It’s not that hard.” Whoa, which painting was this? The image that popped into your head was likely Emanuel Leutze’s 1851 depiction of the iconic crossing, which … doesn’t look that much like 300. Does Zack Snyder own a different painting of Washington crossing the Delaware, one where everyone is shirtless and has gigantic muscles? I would pay very good money to see it. Regardless, his superhero movies are probably going to eat up the next few years, so Snyder has plenty of time to figure out how to make this thing, and also realize that Robot Chicken already did it:

Snyder Wants to Make 300-Style Washington Biopic