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Zendaya Reportedly Cast in Spider-Man Reboot, But Probably Not As Who You Want Her to Be

Will she be MJ? Photo: Michael Loccisano/Getty Images

Sony and Marvel’s Spider-Man reboot has cast Zendaya in a lead role, Deadline reports. But if the names Mary Jane Watson or Gwen Stacy are flashing in your head right now, don’t get too excited: The actress/singer will apparently be playing a woman named Michelle, which is either a new character or code for MJ. The Hollywood Reporter’s Borys Kit reports that Sony and Marvel are looking to hire a supporting cast of color for the still-white Spidey (Tom Holland), possibly to make up for the movie’s lack of Miles Morales. So, worst-case scenario, Zendaya could be MJ or Gwen’s token best friend. Best case, she’s actually just MJ. Either way, this will be Zendaya’s first major lead role outside of the Disney Channel.

Zendaya Reportedly Cast in Spider-Man Reboot