A Photo Guide to the Insane Cast of Netflix’s ‘National Lampoon’ Movie

Today, David Wain revealed on Instagram that his Netflix film about National Lampoon magazine co-founder Doug Kenney – titled A Futile and Stupid Gesture – began its first day of production. Based on Josh Karp’s 2006 book of the same name, the film is packed with comedy pros playing the comedy pros who came before them, from Will Forte as Kenney to Jon Daly as Bill Murray to Joel McHale as his former Community castmate Chevy Chase. While we wait to see more photos from the Futile and Stupid Gesture set, we thought it’d be fun to break down the major roles with some side-by-side photos because, as you’ll see, Wain and his team have done an impressive job casting what’s sure to be a comedy nerd’s dream film. In no particular order:

Will Forte as Doug Kenney

Domhnall Gleeson as Henry Beard

Thomas Lennon as Michael O’Donoghue

Natasha Lyonne as Anne Beatts

Joel McHale as Chevy Chase

Jackie Tohn as Gilda Radner

Jon Daly as Bill Murray

John Gemberling as John Belushi

Seth Green as Christopher Guest

Rick Glassman as Harold Ramis

Paul Scheer as Paul Shaffer

Matt Lucas as Tony Hendra

Matt Walsh as Matty Simmons

Neil Casey as Brian McConnachie

Lonny Ross as Ivan Reitman

Armen Weitzman as Lorne Michaels

Additional cast: Elvy Yost as Kenney and Beard’s assistant Mary Martello, Camille Gauty as Kenney’s former wife Alex Garcia-Mata, Emmy Rossum as Kenney’s fiancée Kathryn Walker, and Martin Mull an “imagined, older version of Kenney.” Jonathan Stern and Peter Principato serve as co-producers alongside screenwriters Michael Colton and John Aboud (Childrens Hospital).

For more on National Lampoon magazine, check out our look back on its origins here.

A Photo Guide to the Insane Cast of Netflix’s […]