Amy Schumer Checks Jennifer Lawrence’s Vanity Fair Interview for Lies, As If They Weren’t the Two Most Compulsively Honest People Alive

What’s the opposite of a pathological liar? A pathological truther? No, that’s like Donald Trump or some such. Hmmm, well, whatever you might call a person with an insatiable, irresistible need to tell the truth, that’s what Amy Schumer and Jennifer Lawrence are in their respective Vanity Fair cover stories. Not only would it not occur to either of them to lie, but Jennifer Lawrence went so far as to seed her previous Vanity Fair interview with a humiliating bidet story so that Amy Schemer could, at some future date, be honest about it in her Vanity Fair interview. It’s like the Prometheus of honest bidet stories — which, thinking back on it now, maybe that’s what that movie was about?

Amy Schumer Checks Jennifer Lawrence for Lies